Leslie Grossmann Brown, MSW, LICSW

Leslie Grossmann Brown is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She got her Bachelor of Science degree at Siena College and her Master's degree from SUNY Albany both in Social Work. She has worked with a diverse group of individuals over the years. Primarily in Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient Treatment. Leslie has worked as an adjunct Professor of Social Work for 5 years. She enjoys helping people formulate their goals and finding ways to work together to keep people moving forward toward goals. At the same time evaluating whether those goals are still relevant in the persons life. This growth of reaching and changing goals has been seen in the classroom, with individuals and their families. Another way Leslie has found her passion is working on a team of individuals who are all working in the best interest of the populations we treat.

Leslie believes in the powerful components of DBT and the way it has shaped her practice. DBT is a collaborative effort shared equally between the therapist and the individuals they work with. It is also a team collaboration with providers from different disciplines coming together to help each other help you.

Leslie has started DBT programs and gotten a team state certified. The work with Psych Recovery is an exciting way to join an established nationally certified team. The opportunity to be working with established experts is exciting. My wish is that the DBT program grows and each person is enriched by those around them.