Rand Adams MS, LP

Mr. Adam's completed his undergraduate coursework at the University of Minnesota and Metro State University and graduated with a BA in psychology. He completed requirements for his M.S. in Psychology at St. Cloud University, during which time he worked as a graduate assistant in the biofeedback lab.

He has always been strongly biased towards evidence-based practices. After graduate school Rand completed a four-year training program in Bowen Family Systems therapy. He received significant training in motivational interviewing and had the opportunity to participate in a grant to be trained as a trainer in motivational Interviewing. He went on to facilitate several Motivational Interviewing coaching circles where he was employed.

For the last fifteen years Rand Adams has pursued training in acceptance and commitment therapy, which is a modern, third wave, cognitive therapy. He has attended four world conferences, in Seattle, Minneapolis, Montreal, and most recently, via Zoom for a conference in New Orleans: an ACT boot camp in Reno, Nevada, and several other workshops and training circles. Rand has also become interested in compassion focused therapy, which is a newer evidence-based therapy coming out of neuropsychology.

Rand Adams has worked as a therapist in inpatient and outpatient settings, been the director of three IRTS programs over the years and supervised an outpatient program for persons with co-occurring mental and chemical health disorders.

Rand works with adults. His approach is a collaborative one, as he works with his clients. He is also open to integrative therapies, he has taught Taijiquan and Qigong at Pathways in Minneapolis as a volunteer for twenty-five years. He has found practices from positive psychology, the focus of which is on living a healthy and thriving life, such as exercise, aromatherapy, gratitude journaling, mindfulness exercise, and so on which can be helpful when clients are interested.